Refilling coolant in the radiator of an engine

How to Maintain the Good Health of Your Car’s Engine Cooling System?

Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Cooling System 

Does your vehicle break down repeatedly on the road? If yes, you’ll need to have it checked to see what’s causing it. One of the major reasons for this could be a failing cooling system. Here are a few tips for maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system. You can put them into practice and see how they fare for your car. If you continue to face the same issues despite the basic DIY maintenance procedures, drop by any of the Boucher Automotive dealerships in Milwaukee, WI. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the repairs required and the nearest service station to have your vehicle back up and running soon. Also, explore the other available services at our dealerships to initiate the proper maintenance practices for a smoother driving experience. 

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A 2023 Jeep Wrangler on a bridge road

How Well-Equipped is the 2023 Jeep Wrangler for Off-Road Rallying?

Off-Road Capabilities of the 2023 Jeep Wrangler 

Are you in search of a new performance-oriented off-road vehicle? If yes, we have the perfect solution to make your adventures more exhilarating and stress-free – the 2023 Jeep Wrangler. This iconic five-seater SUV returns to conquer the segment with its fine-tuned but robust powertrain. Comfy seating and the improved safety quotient are some other standout features of the 2023 Wrangler, as well. Here’s a look at the off-road capabilities of the 2023 Jeep Wrangler.  

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A 2023 Hyundai Sonata on a city road

How Does the 2023 Hyundai Sonata Beat Its Competition?

Top-of-the-Class Features of the 2023 Hyundai Sonata 

Have you been looking to switch to a more spacious vehicle with improved power generation capabilities? We can help you find the perfect solution to tackle the on-road challenges with a potent engine assembly that’s built to drive through varying conditions. Hyundai monopolizes its territory of affordably priced, reliable sedans with the new Sonata and Elantra. Every other Hyundai model contributes to cementing this position, and the Sonata delivers an unparalleled driving experience. Here’s a look at the top-of-the-class features of the 2023 Hyundai Sonata. You can now check it out at one of Boucher Automotive Hyundai dealerships near Milwaukee, WI. 

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A 2023 Ford Bronco on a bleak terrain

How Different is the 2023 Ford Bronco® from Its Predecessor?

Everything New in the 2023 Ford Bronco® 

Looking to switch to a new SUV with immense off-road capabilities and a sporty design? If yes, the 2023 Bronco should be just right for you. The lively ride offered by the new Bronco is also seamless and guarantees a superior experience across all terrains. Ford has built the 2023 Bronco as a highly configurable SUV with improved power generation capabilities. Here’s a look at everything new in the 2023 Ford Bronco® 

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Ten Tips to Drive Differently and Get Better Gas Mileage

With gas prices rising, we all need to do whatever we can to save money on our monthly fuel costs. While your vehicle’s gas mileage will be at its best when you take it in for regular maintenance checks, there are plenty of little things you can do while driving that will make the biggest difference in getting better gas mileage. With this list of ten tips on how to drive differently and get better gas mileage, you’ll be saving big bucks in no time!

Avoid Sudden Stops

When driving, try to avoid sudden stops. Vehicles use more gasoline when starting from a stop. Anytime you need to stop, try slowing down gradually first. This will save you a lot of money over time. Keeping a solid space between the cars around you so can stay off the brakes is always the best way to keep the momentum on your side and the MPGs in the green.

Coast whenever possible

One of the best opportunities to save gas while driving is with coasting, try it whenever possible. Coasting is when you are traveling at a constant speed but your foot isn’t on the accelerator. This will help you get better gas mileage by decreasing the number of times you accelerate and brake. Plus, it’s much easier on your car because they don’t have as many parts that wear down over time due to constant use.

Use the correct oil

An easy way to get better gas mileage is by using the correct oil. The best type of oil for your vehicle depends on the make, model, engine size, year, and even season. There are two types of oils: conventional and synthetic. Synthetic oils have a higher price but last longer than conventional oils. Keeping your oil fresh means your car’s parts are properly lubricated and working properly without extra effort.

Keep your car tuned up

Before you even think about changing the way you drive, make sure your car is tuned up and up to date on maintenance. The gas usage of a poorly maintained car is more than the gas usage of a well-tuned car. Check your owner’s manual for information on how often tune-ups are required, but if you haven’t had one in a while, it might be time.

Keep your tires properly inflated

It’s not just how you drive that affects your gas mileage, it’s also what size tires you’re running and their condition. If your tires are too big or too small for your car, you could be hurting your gas mileage. Make sure they’re always at the right pressure (you can get a tire gauge at any auto parts store) and don’t let them go too low or you’ll have to add air more often. When your car’s tires are underinflated the tire has more contact with the road, creating resistance and slowing you down. This can be one of the biggest factors with saving some money on gas!

Remove excess weight from your car

Sometimes getting better gas mileage can just come down to removing excess things that just piled up in your car over time. You’ll likely want to keep that spare tire and any tools you might need in an emergency, but there’s always something you can take out of your car and save yourself a little cash in the long run. Even roof rails or bike racks on the back should be removed if you don’t use them regularly. 

Use the right grade of gasoline

Be sure you are using the right grade of gasoline. Using the wrong type will not only decrease your fuel efficiency, it could cause engine problems as well. This is especially important if you drive a newer vehicle that uses flex fuel or a higher ratio of ethanol based fuel. If you’re unsure about which kind of gas to use, consult your owner’s manual or ask a professional. If your car or truck can use multiple grades of fuel, always consider the grade with more gasoline and less ethanol, because your miles per gallon will generally be more even though that grade of gas can be a little more expensive.

Follow the speed limit

When driving, it’s tempting to go a little faster than the speed limit. However, this will only cause your gas mileage to suffer. Try driving at or below the speed limit and see if you notice an increase in gas mileage. For example, by driving 65 instead of 75 on the highway, you’ll get better gas mileage due to less wind resistance. There have been some studies on what the best speed is to travel to get the most out of your mpg, but one thing they all agree on is anything over 70mph is not cost efficient. Typically between 50-70 mph is the sweet spot for cars getting between 30-50 mpg. 

Use cruise control

Cruise control, or speed limiting device as it’s called in some states, is a great way to improve your gas mileage. When you are driving on flat terrain, set the cruise control for about five miles per hour below the speed limit. If you find that you’re constantly accelerating or decelerating for slower traffic, try setting your cruise control at the posted speed limit, then adjust as necessary. Speed limits generally aren’t the best suggestion for getting the best miles per gallon, but you don’t want to cause issues for other drivers on the road just to save a little money.

Plan your route

It’s not just the speed at which you drive that affects your fuel consumption. How long you drive can have a significant impact on how much gas your car consumes. Picking the shortest route doesn’t always mean the least amount of gas, as starting and stopping would consume tremendously more if you were driving through the city instead of on the highway. Use modern tools like Google Maps to plan accordingly and utilize their built in gas saver features by picking the best routes for you.

Finding a car that works for your budget and saves you money on maintenance and gas can be a daunting task. Reach out to Boucher today and get an expert to work with you to find you the best deal on a car that works best for your lifestyle

A 2023 Volkswagen Arteon on a smooth road

Everything You Need to Know About the 2023 Volkswagen Arteon

An Overview of the Feature-Rich 2023 Volkswagen Arteon 

If you’ve wanted to escape the mediocre performance of your current vehicle, we have the perfect ticket out. Anyone looking to purchase a family vehicle this year is sure to find their needs aligning with the features of the 2023 Volkswagen Arteon. Here’s an overview of the feature-rich 2023 Volkswagen Arteon. Interested buyers can now check out the new Arteon and other Volkswagen models at any of the Boucher Automotive Volkswagen dealerships near Milwaukee, WI. Contact our team to learn more about the Arteon and other 2023 Volkswagen models. 

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A 2023 Kia Carnival backdropped by the evening sky

Where Can I Buy a 2023 Kia Carnival Near Racine, WI?

Purchase a 2023 Kia Carnival in Racine, WI 

If a new family vehicle is on your mind and you want SUV-like capabilities combined with luxurious features and a larger cabin, the 2023 Kia Carnival could be the right one for you! Nevertheless, you’ll be buying into the excellent design of a minivan, which is a segment leader for its distinct performance characteristics and refined road manners. Are you looking to purchase a 2023 Kia Carnival in Racine, WI? Keep reading to learn about the latest version of the Carnival, now available for purchase at the Boucher Automotive Kia dealership.  

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A 2023 Mazda CX-50 amidst wilderness

How Effectively Does the First-Ever Mazda CX-50 Beat Its Competition?

What are the Key Features of the 2023 Mazda CX-50? 

Do you wish to trade your current vehicle for a good deal on a powerful new one? Well, who can say no to a brand-new, snappy, head-turning Mazda! If you’ve been planning to buy a vehicle this year with splendid performance capabilities and a crossover-styled sleek body, the 2023 Mazda CX-50 could be the one. The CX-50 sports a wide range of options for improved ride quality and comfort based on the trim level, and, as always, Mazda aces the design by offering a perfectly aerodynamic body. They take it even further on the scale of excellence with the power components. Interested buyers can now check out the 2023 Mazda CX-50 at Boucher Automotive Mazda dealerships in and near Milwaukee, WI. Get in touch with our team to learn what are the key features of the 2023 Mazda CX-50.

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Two color variants of the 2022 Dodge Charger on a smooth road

What Sparks the Electrifying Performance in a 2022 Dodge Charger?

Powertrain Options in the 2022 Dodge Charger 

Are you looking for a car that can put that spark back into your driving experience?  An American muscle car is guaranteed to do that and more. Dodge has an electrifying performer for you in its new Dodge Charger! Returning with its latest iteration, the Charger leaves a lasting impression with many high-performance features. Charger’s power and agility have improved over the years, and in the 2022 model, these qualities get even better. Dodge shines yet again by combining old-school elements with state-of-the-art features. Here’s a look at the powertrain options in the 2022 Dodge Charger- the highly potent, four-door sports sedan with unbelievable performance. Interested buyers can now check out the latest Dodge vehicles at the Boucher Automotive dealership in Janesville, WI. 

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