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Car Care | Keep Your Vehicle Protected from the Elements This Winter

Tips for storing your vehicle during the winter months

It may not be a welcome change for some of us, but winter will be arriving in Wisconsin soon, and with it comes slicker driving conditions, colder temperatures, and the need to keep your vehicles safe from harm. Salt, cold air, and the road itself can cause trouble for smaller vehicles, so if you need to keep your model in storage during the winter season, we want to help you out.

Our Boucher Auto Group team has compiled some tips you can use when putting your vehicle in storage during winter – with these, it’ll be all ready to go once everything heats up again!

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Hand using pump to fill fuel tank

Change Oil and Use Fuel Stabilizer

When motor oil begins to set, it can often break down inside your engine leading to nasty sludge buildup. To avoid this, get it replaced before you store your vehicle. Also, did you know that after 30 days without use, fuel can begin to break down as well? It’s a good idea to put some stabilizer fluid in your tank to prevent this from happening.

Man charging battery inside dealership service bay

Charge or Replace an Old Battery

Being unused for a long enough time can spell concerns for your vehicle’s battery, as it depends on regular operation to keep a good charge. Before putting your car away for the winter, be sure to replace the battery under the hood; this way, you won’t have to worry about getting a new one when the thaw breaks.

Car with covering on it

Give Your Vehicle a Cleaning

Salt on the roads can lead to increased corrosion and rust in exposed metals, so to combat this before storing your vehicle away, we recommend giving it a thorough cleaning and waxing. Also, to prevent dust from setting on your car, it’s a good idea to invest in some kind of covering; you can get one from most of our Boucher Auto Group stores, and they’re perfect for keeping your car looking like new.

Man using jack to prop up vehicle

Replace and Chock Tires

This is a crucial step if you own a vehicle with a manual transmission – emergency brakes are prone to wear out sooner or later, and you don’t want this to happen when it’s resting in the garage. So, be sure to chock your tires to prevent them from rolling. Also, it’s never a bad plan to get a new set of tires installed on your vehicle – they’ll be able to perform perfectly in spring.

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