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Car Care | How Often Should I Replace the Battery in My Car?

Recommended battery change intervals for your new vehicle 

It’s no secret that there are plenty of moving parts that are depended on to keep your car running at peak efficiency and performance. To ensure that your electronics are in proper working order, along with your engine, it’s essential to have a battery under the hood that’s able to keep a charge for as long as you need it to. Still, like with any other vehicle asset, batteries aren’t immortal.  

So, today our Boucher Auto Group service team wants to show you our recommended battery change intervals for your new vehicle – with this, you’ll be well-prepared to keep yourself running smoothly and efficiently! 

How long do car batteries generally last?  

Common knowledge dictates that the average car battery has a lifespan of about three years, give or take. Still, there are plenty of factors that can either increase or decrease its longevity, such as usage, road conditions that you typically drive in, and the driving habits that you have behind the wheel. Typically, given Wisconsin’s harsh winter climate, your car battery will have a slightly lower-than-average lifespan, so it’s important to know when you got it installed and when it’s coming to that three-year mark.  

Mechanic using cables to assess battery voltage

Along with your battery, it’s also important to keep tabs on your car’s alternator. Your alternator is equally as important as the battery that supplies its power, as it helps harness your vehicle’s energy and distribute it to the correct places. If your alternator is starting to go, you could see performance diminish or, even worse, engine failure. Thus, if you have any concerns, we encourage you to contact any of our service centers at your earliest convenience to get an assessment and diagnosis.  

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