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Car Care | Should I get All-Season or Winter Tires?

Difference between All-Season and Winter Tires for your vehicle

We’ve reached the point of the year when we have to start preparing for fall weather, and a big component behind keeping safe in snow and sleet is making sure you have the right tires on your model. There are two main tire types that are sure to keep you moving forward with peace of mind this season – all-season tires, and winter tires. If you’re unsure about the difference between the two, we’ll give you the rundown on both today!

Features and Design of All-Season Tires

As their name might suggest, all-season tires are designed to work well in all four seasons, whether the outside conditions are rainy, snowy, or anything else that might arise. They feature moderate tread depth, and being deeper than summer-specific tires, tread life is longer as well.

Winter tires showing unique tread pattern

With all these characteristics in mind, all-season tires are a perfect choice if you live in a more temperate climate without many temperature extremes. Winter weather is generally not a problem for these types, but in more chaotic conditions you’ll want the additional control that winter tires provide.

Features and Design of Winter Tires

The main differentiating factor of winter tires is their treads and composition; rubber is thicker to prevent stiffening in cold temperatures, treads are deeper to cut through snow, and patterns bite more to give you added control. All of these make winter tires a perfect choice for colder, wet weather, but you’ll need to get them swapped out once the seasons change.

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