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New Car Review | 2019 Chevy Blazer | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Car Review: 2019 Chevy Blazer

The legendary Chevy Blazer is making comeback. The full sized K5 truck was originally produced from 1969 to 1994. In 1995 the two door model was renamed the Tahoe. The S-10 Blazer was built from 1983 to 2005. The latest SUV will looking nothing like its predecessors. The Blazer will be available at Chevrolet dealerships starting in early 2019. It will be feature all of the latest technology that buyers desire. The Blazer will join an extensive lineup of Chevy SUVs. It has a daring and aggressive design that is different from any of the company’s other SUVs. Potential buyers in the Wisconsin area can visit the  Boucher website to find out more information on the upcoming Blazer. They can also visit Frank Boucher Chevrolet or Boucher Chevrolet dealerships at the following locations: Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha.


The Chevy Blazer will have a new unibody frame. It will be built at the Chevrolet plant in Mexico. The vehicle is spacious and can comfortably seat five passengers. The Premier trim is somewhat basic and does not grab your attention. The sporty RS trim has a colorful stylish interior that screams elegance. Base models will feature 18-inch alloy wheels and sizes are available up to 21-inches for the upper trim model. Prices for the Blazer haven’t been revealed, but are expected to be competitive.


The 193-hp 2.5-liter inline four cylinder engine will power the base models. A powerful 306-hp 3.6-liter V-6 engine is available on upgraded trims. Both powerplants have direct fuel injection and are coupled to a nine speed automatic transmission. An all wheel drive system is also available. The fuel economy numbers aren’t yet available, but they are expected to be on par with it’s competitors.


Today, buyers want vehicles with the latest technology and the Blazer aims to please. It has the following features among many others: six USB ports, electronic glovebox, lane safety assist, wireless charging pad, trailer guidance assist and a hands-free liftgate.


The last version of the Blazer was built in 2005. Some critics felt the model should have ended years prior. It goes without saying that many of the features buyers enjoy today were not in existence at the time. Only two door models were available this year to regular buyers are four door models were available for fleet use.

The two door Blazer has standard 15-inch wheels and the rear window flips up separately from the liftgate. The wheelbase is 100.5 inches and has a total measurement of 178.6 inches. Four wheel drive models feature a Wide-Stance Sport Suspension Package that increased the track by almost four inches. It also included a heavy duty suspension, tuned rear suspension, rear axle track bar and a skid plate.

The truck was designed to comfortably seat four people. It has front bucket seats and a split-folding rear seat. Two door Blazers with automatic transmissions have a floor mounted gearshift. For entertainment, a six-disc CD changer is available. It has 30 cubic feet of cargo space which doubles if the rear seats are folded down.

This Chevy model is powered by a 190-hp 4.3-liter V-6 engine. It is the only engine available for this vehicle. Manual five speed and four speed automatic transmissions are available. Two wheel and four wheel drive systems are available. The Autotrac four wheel drive system engages automatically as needed.

For safety, it features standard antilock brakes and programmable door locks.

This Blazer has a quiet cabin and comfortable ride quality. It is built on a truck frame, but handles more like a SUV. It also has good acceleration.


The 2019 Blazer will be in direct competition with the new Honda Passport, Toyota Rav4, Subaru Forester and many others. The Blazer is expected to hold its own and be very competitive against all these models. The stylish design of the new Blazer will stand out from the competition and look more like a high end luxury SUV. It will be cool, yet roomy without the minivan stigma that some larger SUVs have.

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 is expected to have beefier styling and some off-road capability. It will also offer hybrid models. The new Blazer is projected to be a better off-road vehicle with a higher towing capacity. The exterior styling of the RAV4 looks odd from some viewing angles. The use of a CVT transmission on their hybrids also raises questions. The RAV4 has an eight speed transmission compared to a nine speed for the Blazer. This should give the Blazer an edge in performance and efficiency. The Blazer also has more USB ports. The Blazer is expected to match or exceed all features on the RAV4.

The 2019 Honda Pilot received minor upgrades to its exterior styling that left more to be desired. The styling of the new Blazer is far more appealing than the Pilot. The Touchscreen interface on the Pilot is not very user friendly. It also has sensitivity issues with the collision warning and adaptive cruise control systems. Honda attempted to improve on the technology suite from the previous year, but still has improvements to make. The Blazer is expected to offer more features and a better overall technology package. The Pilot has third row seating, but access is narrow. This can be a problem for full-sized adults. Buyers should be able to get more for their money at a lower price with the purchase of a Chevy Blazer.

The 2019 Subaru Forester will have comparable technology, but lacks in overall styling. It also lacks the towing capacity of the Blazer. The available turbo for the Forester lacks in performance. The Forester also uses a CVT transmission, which is not desired by some buyers. The Blazer is expected to cost less than the Forester, but offer buyers more.

Buyers that are interested in the 2019 Blazer can visit the Boucher website, or stop in at Frank Boucher Chevrolet in Racine or  Boucher Chevrolet in Waukesha to see this vehicle first hand.

New Car Review | 2019 Chevy Silverado | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

New Car Review | 2019 Chevy Silverado

The 2019 Chevy Silverado is all-new, larger, lighter, has a larger payload capacity and can now tow as much as 12,200 pounds. Add new engine options, including a soon-to-be-released diesel version and its easy to see people are excited. If you live or work in Milwaukee, Racine or Waukesha, Wisconsin or surrounding areas, take a short trip to Frank Boucher Chevrolet, check out the new Silverado and see what all the excitement is about. The staff will let you get a test drive and show you how easy it is to get one.

Lighter, Stronger And More Technologically Advanced

With its release of the 2019 Silverado, Chevrolet is introducing a well-rounded, capable pickup that integrates a host of new technologies making it much easier to tow bigger loads while delivering a more enjoyable driving experience. The vehicle has been redesigned from the ground up. Chevrolet used high-strength steel and some composites to make the vehicle 450 pounds lighter yet stronger than ever before. Plus, changes to the suspension and careful attention to detail has improved its ride quality and given it among the quietest cabin of any half-ton on the road.

Longer, Taller And More Attractive

The new Silverado has a 3.9 inches longer wheelbase. The short bed 1500 crew cab is 1.2 inches wider, 1.7 inches longer and 1.5 inches taller. There’s more room for whatever you want to do. Changes to the frame and suspension and using fully-integrated front-end sheetmetal clear down to the A-pillar has reduced vibrations and made the truck stiffer. Plus, Chevy has used a crisp, attractive new body design that’s a fresh take on the century-long tradition of the vehicle. Add more off-road-ready options, the choice of chrome or body color accents and eight available trim levels and you can see why people are rushing to Boucher to see the new Chevy Silverado.

The Drivetrain

When the entire lineup is rolled out, this new Chevy will have six engines available. That includes two versions of Chevrolet’s 5.3-liter V8. There’s an updated 5.3-liter V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management that boasts 355 horsepower mated with a sweet 8-speed automatic transmission. There’s also an updated 420-horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 with Chevy’s new DFM system along with a 10-speed automatic transmission.
Work Truck, Custom, as well as Custom Trail Boss buyers can choose either 4.3-liter,
285-horsepower V6 engine or a 5.3-liter V8 . Plus, there’s also a 2.7-liter, 310 horsepower turbocharge 4-cylinder engine, a 6.2-liter engine and a sonn-to-be-released 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbodiesiel engine.

Active Fuel Management And DFM

Active Fuel Management is a cylinder shutoff system used by GM that allows V8 engines to run on only four cylinders when carrying lighter load. GM’s DFM cylinder deactivation technology goes much farther. Not only does it allow for either four or eight cylinders to be active, this new DFM technology allows the vehicle to use 17 different cylinder patterns. With that many combinations, it’s possible to provide much more precise balance when it comes to power needs and the fuel economy drivers want. This new DFM technology is employed on the newer engines and higher trims.

Driving The New Silverado

Hop inside the new Silverado to go for a ride and you’ll notice it now offers push button start, stop/start technology and a column lever as options. The new Silverado has just as much power as before, but being lighter makes it plenty spry. The transmission also responds quicker and smoother. The new Silverado feels taut, has little body roll and is more accurate than before. Steering, braking and everything else feels natural and linear. The 2019 Chevy Silverado drives a lot smaller than it is. It has an agreeable, easy-driving nature when maneuvering into smaller parking areas, navigating in-town traffic and handling twisting mountain roads.

With its softer spring rates, the ride quality of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado is excellent. A quick romp in the Silverado LT Trail Boss both on road and through challenging obstacles off-road and it handled both drives with ease. Its two extra inches of lift in the suspension added ride height on the highway. Test drive the Silverado High Country, with its optional 6.2-liter V8 engine and standard 4-wheel drive, and its rumbling exhaust note signals it has more power at your disposal. It’s a nice option, if you plan to tow more than 11,600 pounds with your Silverado.

If you live or do business in or around Milwaukee, Racine or Waukesha, Wisconsin and want to experience the power, beauty and technological advancements of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado for yourself, the staff at Frank Boucher Chevrolet can help. They can arrange for you to test drive any model of the 2019 Chevy Silverado you want. Known for their excellent customer service, the team at Boucher Chevrolet will make you feel right at home, provide all the information you need and show you how easy it is for you to get the financing you need to take one of the new Chevy Silverados home with you.

The Interior

The interior of the new Silverado is more spacious than ever before, thanks to its longer wheelbase. Its comfortable seats come with your choice of antimicrobial dirt repellent treated cloth covers or leather seats with a stain-resistant finish which resists dye transfer. The second row middle seat in the crew cab has a flat floor that makes it much more comfortable for someone sitting in the middle. Plus, there are lots of clever storage spaces throughout the cab. They include unique under the rear seats in the rear seatbacks. A lever allows the steering wheel to tilt and telescope.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, the 2019 Silverado has them in spades. This all new pick-up comes with forward collision alert, low-speed forward automatic braking, front pedestrian braking, lane-keep assist featuring lane departure warning, along with blind-spot monitoring, as well as rear cross traffic alert. The new Chevy Silverado has strategically placed cameras which provide assistance with parking and trailering as well as a vibrating front seat that alerts the driver to possible hazards and where they are. The experienced team at Boucher Chevrolet can show you exactly how these features can help.


The new Silverado is a pick-up with a unique infotainment system. Sure, it has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and a standard 7-inch screen and an 8-inch touchscreen as an upgrade option. And all models have pushbutton start and the High Country models come with a cool digital screen located between the instrument cluster’s main gauges. Plus, there’s now an available USB-C port that’s standard on the LT models or higher. What truly unique is the infotainment system’s towing features. Buyers can get as many as four cameras, one on each side mirror as well as one in the rear which makes it easier for the driver to align the hitch receiver and the trailer when hooking them together. You can even add an accessory camera mounted on the trailer connected to your trailer with a coaxial cable.

The new 2019 Silverado also has a towing app which has a handy checklist for storing profiles for up to five trailers. You can also monitor the trailer’s tire pressure and do a light test using the infotainment system and the MYChevrolet Trailering App. There’s also a theft alert which triggers the truck’s alarm should the trailer be disconnected while the pick-up is locked. The team at Boucher will explain all the intricacies of this exciting new vehicle when you stop by the dealership.

With all of it’s new features and safety specs, why not stop on by to take a test drive in the newly designed 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. Let our two Chevy locations, Frank Boucher Chevrolet of Racine and Boucher Chevrolet of Waukesha, help you get into this truck. It’s not even 2019 yet and we already have over 15 Silverados in stock with plenty more on the way! Want to see what we have in our inventory before making the trip? No problem! Just check out for a complete inventory.