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Featured Used Car | VW Jetta | Milwaukee, WI

Featured Used Car: VW Jetta
If you haven’t got quite enough bread to lay down for a brand-new dream car just yet, don’t worry. Your local Boucher dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is not about to let you hitchhike or walk to work.

If your old vehicle is just limping along and seems to need new repairs every month, it is probably time to get a more reliable ride. The Volkswagen Jetta is the choice car sought after by kids in college and young professionals climbing the corporate ladder alike. In fact, even grandmothers love them because they are so easy to drive with that turn-on-a-dime rack and pinion steering.


When you purchase a pre-owned Volkswagen Jetta from Boucher Auto Group, you are getting the best value for your money. While it may be great to have all the options you want loaded in the latest model, not everyone is ready to wrap themselves up in an extensive payment plan at top dollar. A cheap used car can be the perfect go-between that allows you to save up your rainy-day fund and lower your monthly expenses to invest in a new car down the road.

Although a brand-new vehicle may be a safer bet if you want years of reliable low-maintenance driving, a cheap used car can be slowly reconstructed to like-new condition as your budget permits. And when you purchase your used Volkswagen Jetta at our dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you avoid the steep depreciation penalty and save thousands of dollars off the sticker price of a vehicle with some road experience.

Fully Inspected & Reconditioned Vehicles on Sale

All the used vehicles that we sell at our dealership are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to achieve the maximum functionality. If we see any issues that would be in need of immediate repair, if you brought the car to a car shop, we put the investment into fixing them before you drive off.

We are only able to do this because we are a high-volume dealership. We are able to dedicate our team of factory-trained and ASE-certified technicians to service our used cars before we put them up for sale on days when we are not overbooked. This saves you the costs of rehabilitating a vehicle right after you purchase it or worrying about break downs.

Many of the pre-owned vehicles that we sell offer an extended warranty that assures you that the vehicle is mechanically fit and problem-free. It is also possible to purchase a used vehicle that still retains the factory warranty or that has just exhausted the time on it.

These vehicles are the best value because you have a clean slate to work with and no worries about a poor maintenance history. If all the work on the vehicle was still covered by warranty, then you can bet that repairs were minimal and done by professionals using factory parts.

When you purchase vehicles that are long past the warranty, they usually have too many issues compounded to make them a safe investment. Who knows what mechanic did what and how many maintenance issues lapsed after the warranty expired.

The Dangers of Private Sellers

Because a private seller is skeptical about tying up more money in a vehicle, you rarely find great deals. If they had access to a good mechanic who could fix any issues that are troubling them with the vehicle, they would probably hang onto it. If they are not concerned about losing thousands of dollars by selling it prematurely, then why won’t they even come down a grand in negotiations?

As you will realize, private sellers are usually desperate for money and only willing to sell at a high price if the vehicle looks good and appears to function normally. There may be intermittent problems or other hidden dangers that you don’t know about.

A private seller simply has no reputation to uphold. He is looking for a situation sale and doesn’t care what you think of him 5 seconds after you hand the dough over. When you are dealing with a large dealership like ours that is deeply invested in providing an automotive resource for the community, you can trust in our reputation.

It is wise for a business that has a large brick & mortar presence to treat all its customers grandly, in hopes of retaining them for life. That is the only manner by which a high-volume business model becomes profitable. You have to really manage your company the right way and keep your customers happy to afford your overhead.

In fact, we would rather absorb the costs of any legitimate dispute over the fairness and quality of a car than to ruin an experience with our customers. Every individual sale is only important if it leads to lifelong customer retention. The profit margins for a single vehicle are marginal.

When you consider this wisdom, it is a wonder why people go off chasing those too-good-to-be-true deals that involve little capital commitment for diamonds in the rough. When you consider the full value of our inspection and reconditioning services, the professionalism of our staff, and the accountability to our clients, there is only one clear choice.

Purchase a Cheap Used Car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Boucher Auto Group is not only known for having excellent values but also excellent customer service. When you stop by our dealership for a test-drive, you will be greeted by our friendly customer care team members or sales staff. No matter what questions or needs you might have, they will always have the answers.

Our staff has decades of experience needed to streamline the automotive purchase process. You won’t be left guessing when the car will be ready or whether you can get financing. We have a financing department to help you obtain auto loans and a sales team that is committed to fitting you with a car you love.

Financing a Used Vehicle

One reason why private sellers have a hard time selling their used vehicle is the lenders. The lenders simply don’t trust private sellers and are not eager to open up their wallets when it comes time for an auto loan request. For this reason, the market for private sellers is limited and often forces them to hold onto a vehicle unless the repairs are too costly to make that practical.

When you shop at our dealership, you can bet that many lenders will provide you a loan if you have good credit. This is because our dealership has a good rapport with lenders who trust our products.

The worst fear of a lender is for you to go underwater on your loan and default. They are forced to write the investment off as a loss if you stop paying and the car is a lemon. Owners who pay a lot of money for a vehicle that is only worth spare parts a few months later may be so angry that they will refuse to pay off the loan.

Contact Us

Please call us or stop by our dealership today for a test-drive of one of these value-priced VW models. Performance, safety, iconic styling, and world-class handling are only a phone call away. Boucher has 17 locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin. There are 3 dealerships that are Volkswagen. Locations in Racine, Franklin, and Janesville. If you want a Certified Pre-Owned Jetta, get in touch with these stores. If you want to see what all Boucher has to offer for Jetta’s and all other makes and models, just visit

Featured Used Car | Sierra 1500 | Milwaukee, WI

Featured Used Car: Sierra 1500

Owning a quality work truck has never been more affordable. This is because the Boucher Auto Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has the multiple pre-owned versions of the GMC Sierra 1500 on our lots and ready to sell. And a work truck of this caliber is deserving of your attention. You can expect your model to have a towing capacity that is close to 10,000 pounds backed by over 300 pound-feet of torque. We have the crew cab, double cab, and standard cab models to choose from. Many of the GMC Sierra 1500 trucks on our lots are of the same generation as the latest models and, therefore, have negligible differences.


If you want a world-class work truck at a song of a price, the Boucher Auto Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the name that you can trust. We are able to provide you the best value for your hard-earned money because we have a clientele who take care of their vehicles. When they trade them in for a new truck, we are able to pass along the savings. Many vehicles in our fleet were previously leased and maintained by our factory-trained technicians. This ensures that they are built from all original equipment and serviced according to the factory maintenance schedule. The vehicles are often still under warranty, come with an extended warranty, or have just exhausted a factory warranty and remain in like-new condition.

The Minimal Effects of Higher Mileage

Although a used vehicle may have higher mileage on the clock, this should not intimidate you from purchasing it. The value of a cheap used car with high miles is evident when you purchase it from our dealership. This is because the Kelley Blue Book prices set a standard rate that is far below the functional value of a reconditioned used vehicle that has been run on synthetic lubricants its whole life. Therein lies the distinction. Synthetic lubricants have revolutionized the automotive industry and doubled the life of late-model vehicles. When you have a master mechanic go over the vehicle and toughen up any weak spots, this also ensures your long-term satisfaction and reduces the risk of premature failure from wear and tear.

Vehicle Inspection & Reconditioning

When you have veteran mechanics who have worked on all makes and models their entire lives, you can rest assured that every vehicle sold is safe and solid. Our mechanics receive ongoing factory training and understand the engineering of automotive and mechanical systems. Having this wisdom allows them to consider the problems encountered without hang-ups. They are armed with sophisticated diagnostic computers and know from experience what parts tend to break down and fail prematurely. They can simply test-drive a vehicle and pick up on a number of issues that are difficult for laymen to detect. No vehicle on our lots goes up for sale without passing a rigorous inspection that protects our reputation.

The Dangers of Private Sellers

When you are dealing with a private seller, there is no way to form a relationship. They are not able to provide a warranty or any assurances if things go awry. Even if you do succeed in winning a judgment against them in court, you will find that collections are difficult or impossible. Winning in court may force you to gamble with the legal expenses of hiring a lawyer and other court filing fees which you may never recoup. A private seller can claim bankruptcy or easily hide his funds and assets in a family members name to protect them.

When you are dealing with a dealership that is dedicated to serving the community, you don’t have to worry about being shortchanged or taken advantage of at any time. We provide accountability for our products and have every intention of retaining our customers for life. The profit margins from any individual sale are meager and leave us little incentive to act unfairly and terminate our relationship. We would rather that you get the best deal possible and that you share the positive press of our dealership with others. In addition, a private seller simply doesn’t invest the money into reconditioning their vehicle and can leave you with a lot of unexpected problems and repairs on your hands.

Financing Department

Because we have quality products, the banks are willing to lend money to customers who purchase a cheap used car from us or a more expensive pre-owned vehicle. Banks are not easy to compel into financing used vehicles because they do not want to be left holding the bill if your default. And customers will readily default if they cannot get to work and need a new car. Because our vehicles are known to go the distance, banks are happy to whip out their paychecks whenever our financing department calls. They know that the vehicles which we sell are value-priced and that customers will not stop payments on a loan. Although we are not able to guarantee lending, we believe that our lenders will give you more opportunities.

Friendly Customer Service

Our dealership always works to ensure that customers are excited about their purchases and satisfied. Our sales team has the knowledge of features on any used or new vehicle in our lot and can find the lifestyle choice that suits you. When it comes to the Sierra, we believe that this truck is a hot deal because you dodge the steep appreciation of a brand-new work truck that is going to get dirty and a few scuffs on it anyhow. Instead of paying for that showroom finish and pristine paint job, you can harvest years of strong driving out of your truck.

Why Everyone Should Buy a Work Truck

A work truck is so versatile and so well-built compared to a consumer uniframe car, it is a wonder why everyone doesn’t own them. Cars don’t have bumpers and are easily damaged in any fender-bender situation. The Sierra is a tank that will protect you with its large bumpers and high stance. You can run right over cars like a monster truck and drive anywhere you desire. When you have a little compact car, it is hard to take it off-road without getting jammed up and bottoming out. Perhaps the best virtue of a work truck is that you can make the truck work for you instead of just putting up every paycheck to work for the truck.

A work truck can help you do a variety of work at home and to take side jobs on the weekends. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, mechanic, or a handyman, a work truck provides you with the payload you need to haul your supplies. If you are landscaping or construction, it helps you haul the materials and equipment of the trade to any location. And because work trucks are built to withstand heavy duty cycles and extreme loads, you can bet that every part is beefed up and built more sold than its commercial car counterparts. And now that we have steeply discounted trucks for sale on our lots, there is no better time to invest in a vehicle that pays for itself and lasts longer than any compact car out there.

Contact Us

Please call us or stop in to test-drive our GMC Sierra 1500 models. With 18 different locations throughout SE Wisconsin, we are sure to find the right vehicle for you! With over 20 Used GMC Sierra 1500’s in stock, there is one out there for you! Give us a call or stop in and see what our lots have to offer. If you want to see what the stores have for inventory before making the trip, check out to see a full inventory. We hope to see you soon!


Featured Used Car | Nissan Murano | Milwaukee, WI

Featured Used Car: Nissan Murano

Used Cars Aren’t What They Used to Be

It seems like just a few years ago that purchasing a used car seemed like a risky experiment. After all, you didn’t know what you were going to get. But one of the benefits of the modern era is that dealerships, such as Boucher, possess the ability to truly do their due diligence when selecting pre-owned vehicles for their fleet. These are not the cheap used cars of yore; these are exceptional automobiles that have undergone stringent testing and shown themselves to be worthy of Boucher. There’s a reason why the Nissan Murano has racked up such a great reputation over the years. Its excellent track record speaks for itself. Additionally, the talented staff at this dealership carefully goes over every detail of any pre-owned vehicle being considered. This is why the fleet has continually earned a reputation as one of the very best in Milwaukee—even throughout the entire state of Wisconsin.

A Pre-Owned Vehicle: Let Quality Be Your Guide
When you work with a reputable team, you can find a cheap used car that still possesses the charm and top-of-the-line appearance that you relish when you drive a new car off the lot. The one thing you won’t have to worry about is immediate depreciation; when you buy a pre-owned vehicle that has been carefully assessed, most of your co-workers and neighbors will probably mistake it for a new model, anyway. Sleek, responsive vehicles don’t have to be entirely new these days. Many of these cars boast exquisite, technologically advanced infotainment systems and other bells and whistles that you’ve come to expect.

When It’s a Matter of Finding Value
Let’s face it; the recent economy has been somewhat unpredictable. It can be difficult to know what your life is going to be like in a few years, so why would you want to be tied down to a finance agreement you can’t fulfill. The beauty of buying a pre-owned vehicle is that you don’t have to stay up late at night wondering about whether or not you can make your car payment. And there is great peace in knowing that you’ve made a responsible decision for yourself and for your family. There is great freedom in making excellent financial choices that you know you’ll look back upon with pride.

Finding Value in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
There’s nothing “cheap” about the cheap used car you can pick up at Boucher. The staff works tirelessly to ensure that customers are happy whenever they work with the dealership. It’s why the dealer has managed to rack up so many loyal customers over the years. With a special perspective on the type of automobiles this community wants and needs, this team consistently strives to be the very best.

An Atmosphere That Customers Revere
When customers frequent this dealership, they know that they can feel comfortable expressing their preferences. A test drive should be a joy, not a high-pressure situation, and this group does everything they can to instill a sense of confidence. Because they choose only the best pre-owned vehicles for their fleet, customers can just relax and drive. If they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for, they can alert the staff as to what specifically tickles their fancy. With an dazzlingly impressive inventory that is always changing, chances are that they’ll find something ideal very shortly.

The Nissan Murano
Ever since this mid-size crossover made its grand debut, it’s won raves from car publications and consumers alike. With the spaciousness to haul some cargo—and some kids!—it’s designed to help you take on your day in a way that you never have before. And for all that roominess on the inside, you’d have no idea that this vehicle also manages to clock in some pretty great mileage numbers as well. Once you slide into the comfortable driver’s seat and take this vehicle for a spin, you’ll notice all of the admiring glances you receive as you drive. People tend to love the lines of this crossover, which make it appear very elegant on the road. After all, not every car that debuted almost two decades ago is still being made. There’s something about the Murano that inspires intense loyalty and passion. Even the base model tends to come equipped with the features that drivers adore. When you crave a serious vehicle that packs some punch on the road, this is the one that gets the job done every time.

Of course, Nissan’s reputation for reliability is always appealing to those who care about a car’s longevity. Just because you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, it doesn’t mean that anything about your experience should be less than excellent. Working alongside the dealership team, you’ll find the right used car for you—on a financial timeline that’s reasonable. In a world full of complexity, every simple solution counts. Our sales teams at all 18 locations can help find the perfect used Nissan Murano for you! If you want a Murano but want to get a Certified Pre-Owned, just make a visit to Gordie Boucher Nissan of Greenfield or Boucher Nissan of Waukesha where the certified technicians are able to certify your Murano. If you want to see what all Boucher has in stock before running out to a store, visit

Featured Used Car | Kia Optima | Milwaukee, WI

Featured Used Car: Kia Optima
Buying a cheap used car from Boucher is an intelligent choice when you’re on a budget. You can get all the features, comfort and performance you need just by selecting a well-rounded vehicle. The KIA Optima offers many good reasons for Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents to indulge. Here are six valid reasons to look into purchasing a pre-owned one for yourself and your family.

1. High Quality and Excellent Value

The number one reason to purchase a pre-owned sedan is the value you’ll receive from your investment. The car is one of the most well-rounded vehicles on the market because it offers five-star quality no matter what features you’re considering. You can purchase a 2006 model for less than $5,000. Newer models are available for your purchase, as well. You could own a 2010 for around $10,000. If you want an even newer model, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 options are available. The dealership is always getting new inventory, so you’ll find what you want so that you can make your purchase quickly. Boucher has a vast selection of used models for you to consider. All you have to do is come in and let a salesperson know what you like.

2. State-Of-The-Art-Body Design

The sedan evolved over the years and went from something great to something spectacular. Its body is chiseled into a gloriously unique design that’s difficult to turn down. The manufacturer managed to engineer one of the most efficient cars in the world’s lineup and still make it utterly sexy. Every crack and crevice of this model has multiple benefits to it. The grille is designed for efficient engine cooling and speed enhancement. The cut of the hood allows it to slice through the wind for maximum performance. The wheels are made for style and prestige. Aside from all that, the model has an excellent lineup of exterior color options that will definitely make heads spin when people see you drive by.

3. Above Average Fuel Efficiency

Nowadays, amazing fuel efficiency is on the top of the list of features that consumers want. You will get that no matter what year model you purchase. The 2018 model delivers up to 31 miles per gallon so that you can do what you need to do and not break your wallet doing it. You’ll even receive that same excellent gas mileage if you purchase a 2006 model. The manufacturer was consistent in its efforts to make an efficient automobile. You can have 100 percent confidence in buying a cheap used car with the KIA name on it.

4. Comprehensive Safety Feature Suite

This model also offers some key safety features that will make your driving experience secure and enjoyable. As each year passed, the manufacturer added new features that would protect you, your family and any passengers that you accommodated. Some of the features that you may see on a slightly used model are features such as the dual front advanced airbags, hill-start assist control, electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring system and the internal emergency trunk release. The internal emergency trunk release allows you to open the trunk from inside the vehicle in case you have an emergency. The tire pressure monitoring system tells you if one or more of your tires has low pressure so that you can tend to it immediately. Electronic stability control keeps your car nice and grounded no matter what the driving conditions are. This car has many more features for your protection. You just need to visit the dealership to get a full list of them all.

5. Spacious Interior

This car offers lots of space if you’re going to be traveling with your family or friends. Most models can seat at least five, and they have four large doors for your guests to open. The trunk space and cargo space are so plentiful that you’ll feel like you’re at home when you’re in the vehicle.

6. Powerful Performance

Aside from all the other fantastic features that this car has, you’ll also receive a stellar performance. You’ll get a four-cylinder or V6 model that has fabulous output. The horsepower varies depending on the model you choose, but all models have a way-above-average performance number. You won’t know how spectacular they are until you get behind the wheel of one at the dealership.

Test-Drive a Preowned Model ASAP

You’ve read a quick rundown of some of the most legitimate reasons to invest in a used sedan. Now it’s time for you to put that knowledge to the test. You have to experience full-throttle action to see what you’re missing. Schedule a test-drive ASAP so that you can examine all that the Optima has to offer you. You’ll be the happiest person in Milwaukee, Wisconsin once you do.

Boucher Automotive Group has 18 different dealership locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin. With over 5,000 used vehicles in stock, we can find the perfect one for you! The Kia Optima you can get at any one of our locations as a used vehicle. Frank Boucher Kia in Racine will have your certified used Optimas in stock! Visit to see our full used inventory of this great looking sedan.

Best Used Car | Lincoln MKZ | Milwaukee, WI

Featured Used Car: Lincoln MKZ

What you need to know about this model?

When it comes to buying a car, the amount of money that you spend will often determine the comfort and level of class that you get. Many people always want to attract attention when on the highway or in town while still ensuring that they have a vehicle that has power on the road. For many years, Lincoln models have come to be known for their class, which means that it is a dream for many people to own one. The major challenge that aspiring car owners have to deal with is the high initial cost that they have to incur if they are to buy a new MKZ. If you want to own a Lincoln MKZ but your financial resources are not enough to buy a new one, then the most viable option is to buy a cheap used car. This is because the used model will still allow you to enjoy the class even though it will be cheaper as compared to the new car. Purchasing a used car will ensure that you get to ride on the iconic brand without having to spend too much of your financial resources. At Boucher, we serve the residents of Milwaukee city in Wisconsin with the aim of helping them own used but classy cars with ease. We help our customers drive luxury vehicles that ordinarily would be way out of their budget limits.

Benefits of buying a used Lincoln MKZ

When it comes to owning a top auto brand, you are set to enjoy numerous benefits if you opt to buy a pre-owned car as compared to buying a new one. Some of the benefits that you are likely to enjoy include:

You will save a lot of your money:

  • You will save a lot of your money: Buying this model is not an easy endeavor for any aspiring car owner. This is because the model is quite expensive and out of reach of many aspiring car owners. Pre-owned models, however, often cost less as compared to the new cars. As a result, buying the used car will help you save a sizable amount of money that you can direct to other areas of concern. Buying a new Lincoln MKZ is difficult, especially for the average citizen because they are known for their class. In fact, many dignitaries, business executives, and top politicians including the U.S president are driven in these models. Due to the reputation that the model has created for itself, its demand remains high, especially among the high-income groups. The high demand for the model means that the price of a new car is high and almost out of reach for ordinary citizens. With the option of buying a cheap used car, many people aspiring to own the car are able to own it without having to deal with a financial crisis later.

Reduced insurance costs:

  • Reduced insurance costs: Many insurance companies often charge higher premiums for new cars as compared to pre-owned models. Once you have decided to purchase a used car, you will minimize the amount of premium that you will be required to pay once you insure your car. Paying significantly lower premiums means that you will save more of your money. At Boucher, we make sure to provide you with an opportunity to buy used car models that are in good condition with the aim of helping you minimize the cost incurred on auto insurance.

Used cars experience minimized depreciation as compared to new cars:

  • Used cars experience minimized depreciation as compared to new cars: One of the major concerns for people who buy new cars is that they depreciate rather quickly when compared to pre-owned cars. By just driving a new car out of the dealer’s parking lot, depreciation on its value begins. Buying a pre-owned car, however, guards buyers from such high rates of depreciation. A used car has already lost most of its value, which means that purchasing it will not cause a lot of financial harm to you in the short or long term. Although buying a new car means that you get to enjoy all its features at optimal efficiency, it is plausible to argue that you could avoid paying for the rapid depreciation of a car by just buying a used car. By preferring to purchase a used car, you can easily avoid the losses that result from depreciation in the value of your car and this will ensure that the quality of your car is retained over time.

Buyers get a car that is highly spacious:

  • Buyers get a car that is highly spacious: These models are often known for interiors that are more spacious as compared to what new models are offering. The Lincoln MKZ is known for various pioneer innovations that later became its major selling point. One of the innovations is a push-button shifter that opens up to its center stack. The innovation makes the interior of the car very spacious, a feature that could be enticing for any person who would like to own this model. The car also offers plenty of legroom, headroom, and shoulder room to ensure that your passengers are comfortable when moving from one place to the other. The spacious interior also makes it possible for you to have a touchscreen installed to replace the voice commands that are standard for the model.

It is a utility car:

  • It is a utility car: When people want to buy a car or to upgrade their current ride, they are often concerned about the utility that comes with the models that they buy. This is because most people want a car that allows them to carry their luggage without compromising the luxury that they get. If you decide to purchase a used Lincoln MKZ, you will be able to enjoy the utility that comes with the vehicle. For instance, the model has a trunk storage capacity of about 15.4 cubic feet, which is way above the average storage space offered by the common models that you will find in the market today. By purchasing this model, buyers are able to carry more luggage or groceries. This is among the major aspects that should motivate you to buy the car. Considering that you will get the used car at a significantly lower price, being able to carry your bags conveniently mean that you will be getting more than you paid for.

Are you a resident of Milwaukee city in Wisconsin? Are you looking to acquire a cheap used Lincoln MKZ? If you are, contact us today for a chance to drive in a classic vehicle. Boucher dealership is a licensed dealership for Lincoln cars and we can help you to own any used car from the manufacturer. With 18 different locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin, Boucher will help you find the perfect car that will fit your  needs. Know exactly what vehicle you want? No problem! Visit to see if we have your dream car available for you! 


Best Used Cars | Toyota RAV4 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Featured Used Car: Toyota RAV4


The Toyota Rav4 is one of the top sport utility vehicles on the market. It is a mid sized SUV that offers a number of features and benefits that consumers will enjoy. With the Toyota Rav4, consumers will be able to drive a vehicle that has excellent fuel economy, excellent reliability, lots of space, comfort and good performance. While most people will want to buy a new Rav4, getting a used one can provide you with the same benefits. In Milwaukee Wisconsin, consumers will be able to buy a used Rav4 at one of the local Boucher dealerships . Residents of Milwaukee Wisconsin who are looking to buy a cheap used car with top value will want to consider getting a Rav 4.


One of the reasons why you will want to get a used Rav4 is the reliability. Each year, the Rav4 ranks as among the most reliable vehicles on the market. Since it is a Toyota model, it is going to be very well made and therefore allow you to get a lot of use out of it without any breakdowns. A Rav4 will provide consumers with a vehicle that will just need regular routine maintenance. It will very rarely if ever experience any mechanical or electrical system failures. As a result, the Rav 4 is one vehicle that consumers can trust and count on to provide them with dependable transportation.


Another reason to buy a used Rav4 is its space. The Rav4 has plenty of passenger and cargo space since it is a sport utility vehicle. Unlike most other sport utility vehicles, the Rav4 does not have too much space or too little space. Therefore it provides you with enough room. If you are looking to go on a road trip and need to have enough space for all of the passengers you plan on driving around, the Rav4 will have what you are looking for. Anyone that is looking to go on trip and needs to store a lot of large items such as surfboards, tents and hunting accessories will be able to have the space they need for these things. Having lots of space is part of what makes up the Rav4 value.


One of the best things about the Toyota Rav 4 is the performance. This vehicle provides a powerful V6 engine that has well over 200 horsepower. Therefore, it provides an adequate amount of speed and power for a sport utility vehicle. As well as offering a good amount of horsepower, the Rav4 also offers all wheel drive according to With all wheel drive, the vehicle will allow drivers to easily move the vehicle up and down tough terrain on a regular basis. They will also be able to more easily get out of snow piles that most other vehicles would get stuck in. With the combination of its amount of horsepower and all wheel drive drivetrain, the Rav4 is one vehicle that you will want to get if you are looking for a high performance SUV.


Whenever you are looking to purchase a used sport utility vehicle such as the Rav4, one of the things that you will want to consider is the fuel economy. Fortunately for consumers who are looking to get this vehicle, the Rav4 offers some of the best fuel economy for its class. According to, the Toyota Rav 4 has a fuel economy that averages out to 25 miles per gallon. For most trim levels, the Rav4 offers 22 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the highway. As a result, you will get plenty of mileage with the vehicle before having to refuel it. Having good fuel economy will also help reduce the cost of ownership as you will not have to spend more money getting gas on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are looking for a sport utility vehicle that offers excellent fuel economy, you will benefit by getting a used Rav4.


Consumers who are looking to buy a used SUV will often consider features such as the comfort of the vehicle. Fortunately for those looking to get a used Rav4, they will be able to get a vehicle that offers plenty of comfort. When it comes to the seating, the Rav4 provides cloth seats which will allow drivers and passengers a type of seating that will never feel uncomfortable in different temperatures. The vehicle also offers leather seats which can be heated or cooled depending on the time of year. As well as offering cloth and leather seats, the Rav4 also offers a passenger capacity of 5 which allows everyone to have plenty of room and comfort. The Rav4 also allows both drivers and passengers to adjust the seating which will allow them to arrange their ideal seating positions.


Whenever you are looking to purchase a used vehicle such an SUV, one of the most important things that you will need to consider is the price and affordability. With the Rav4, you will be able to get a vehicle that is among the most affordable around. A used Rav4 will be even more affordable than its new counterpart. The used Rav 4 can be purchased for a price as low as $19,000 according to Some vehicles may be up to $23,000 and as low as $18,000. Therefore, the Rav 4 is a vehicle that you can get if you are budget conscious. Depending on your situation, you can either pay for the vehicle with all cash or finance it. When looking to pay for this vehicle with cash, you will usually have to only pay an amount that is equivalent to the average trade in value of a regular car or SUV. If you plan on financing it, you will be able to get a Rav4 fro only $240 per month. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap used car near Boucher, then the Rav 4 is one vehicle that you will want to get.


Getting a used vehicle can provide you with a number of benefits such as a lower price and more valuable. When looking to get a used vehicle one of the types of vehicles that you may want to get is a sport utility vehicle. While there are plenty of quality options out there, the Rav 4 by Toyota is one of the best you can get. The Rav 4 has a number of features and benefits that will allow any consumer to get the quality used vehicle that they seek. If you are in the market for a used sport utility vehicle, then purchase the Rav4 today. You can view our inventory of the Toyota RAV4 at or just stop on by one of our 18 locations to see our inventory in person.

Best Used Cars | Chevy Cruze | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why buy a Chevrolet Cruze

If you are interested in purchasing a Chevy Cruze, you are not alone. Many people prefer buying the Chevy Cruze due to a number of reasons. For instance, the Cruze is a reliable car that comes fitted with sporty features that other models in the same price range do not offer. The Chevrolet Cruze comes as either a hatchback or a sedan, which is a plus for the model because it attracts both sedan lovers and hatchback enthusiasts. Based on the exterior design of the model, it appears like a sporty car that is available at an affordable cost. The car is also an ideal family car for families of five people or less. It is available in a variety of exterior colors to allow you to choose your favorite color although some of the colors that were previously available have been sold out. Some of the features that make the Chevrolet Cruze a car that you should consider include its integration with Apple’s Siri voice activation feature and text message alerts that are now available across the model’s trims.

Benefits of purchasing a Pre-Owned Chevrolet Cruze

Have you decided that you need to purchase a Chevrolet Cruze? If you have, the next question you need to ask yourself is whether you go for a new car or a pre-owned one. Although many people are aware of the benefits that come with purchasing new cars, it worth noting that used cars could also be beneficial to a majority of people. With proper research, for instance, you could get a second hand Chevrolet Cruze that is in good condition. In fact, finding a used car that is in great shape will ensure you get value for your money.

Some of the benefits that come with purchasing a cheap used car are:

  • You get to own your favorite car at a subsidized cost: Purchasing a new Chevrolet Cruze requires you to part with at least $16,975 for the basic trim. If you want the car in higher trims, you will need to invest more. Good news is that you can still get the fantastic features that the Chevrolet Cruze offers at a discounted price if you buy a used one. This is because dealers of pre-owned vehicles will sell you a pre-owned Chevrolet Cruze for between $10,000 and $15,000 based on the features it offers and its condition. This means that you can easily save between $1,000 and $4,000 by buying a pre-owned Chevrolet Cruze.
  • A second hand Chevrolet Cruze offers great standard features and options as compared to what other cheap used car models will offer to you. Purchasing a pre-owned car  that is in great shape gives you access to the features that the new Chevrolet Cruze offers. Interestingly, you will be able to enjoy the features that the model offers at a bargain when you buy a previously owned car. Some of the standard features in the latest Chevrolet Cruze include a backup camera, a smartphone integration, a premium audio system, a touchscreen LCD, and a navigation system.
  • It offers advanced safety features: A Chevrolet Cruze has often being ranked as a safe and reliable model with top safety ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. By purchasing a handed down Chevrolet Cruze, you will get to enjoy the advanced safety features that the model offers. Some of the model’s safety features that buyers get to enjoy include airbags, anti-lock brakes, a backup camera, and alert systems such as a lane departure warning that work together to guarantee your safety.
  • A Chevy Cruze will offer you an outstanding fuel economy. Are you concerned that you might have to spend more on fuel each month after buying a car? If you are, you should consider purchasing a previously owned Chevrolet Cruze because it offers you a better fuel economy as compared to other hatchbacks or sedans in the same price range. If well maintained, the average fuel economy for this model is about 40 mpg when driving on the highway with the mileage reducing slightly when driving in the city. The car’s fuel consumption is relatively low and you will be guaranteed that by purchasing a second hand Chevrolet Cruze, you will save a significant amount of money on fuel.
  • You get the opportunity to get technology that is more integrated in the model. The technology that is available on this model could be limited if you go for a new model. This is because the manufacturer designed the Cruze to be an affordable car that ensures you don’t dig deep into your pocket. As a result, the manufacturer omitted some premium features from the model. By purchasing a pre-owned Chevrolet Cruze, you can undertake a market research that will enable you to get upgraded technology on the model. Some of the upgraded technologies to look out for are a rear park assist, a keyless ignition, various navigation features, and infotainment features.
  • Are you looking for a compact yet roomy car? If you are, you should consider buying a pre-owned Chevrolet Cruze. One of the reasons why people buy the Chevrolet Cruze series is roominess and larger cargo space as compared to other models in the same class. The model is designed with ample legroom and headroom and will ensure that you are comfortable seating in it for long hours without feeling extremely worn out. The vehicle is significantly roomy for the money you will pay for it. Moreover, it provides you with value for your money.

Why you should use Boucher’s Chevy Cruze dealership?

Boucher is a licensed Chevrolet dealership that serves Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities. Boucher allows its customers to own cheap pre-owned cars such as the Chevrolet Cruze and get value for their money. With 18 different locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin, our dealerships have an extensive vehicle inventory of both previously owned and new cars from which our clients can pick what works best for them. For the best deal on pre-owned cars in Milwaukee and other Wisconsin cities, feel free to contact our customer care representatives and make a reservation for a test drive today or visit to view our full inventory throughout the group.

Best Used Cars | Used Ford Focus | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Featured Used Car: Ford Focus

If you are looking for a used car, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Boucher Auto Group has some of the best deals around. We have a huge lineup of Ford vehicles that are renowned for their value, reliability, and performance.

Whether you need a late-model vehicle with all the premium features or a cheap used car, we have one of the largest selections available. Our sales team will find the vehicles that ideally suit your needs in minutes. We have qualified financing specialists on hand to help qualify you for monthly financing at low-interest rates.

The Ford Focus was the first to offer premium multi-link suspension. The engineers pioneered multi-link suspension and debuted it on this model. The Ford Focus was also the first car to win both the European and North American Car of the Year Awards simultaneously. When you are comparing the handling of a domestic vehicle with the best vehicles in Europe, it must be really exceptional.

One thing that you won’t find in those European cars is the dependability. These vehicles are the best value for your money. They are designed to go the distance. European vehicles are notorious for being over engineered and expensive to maintain. Many Europeans prefer Ford Focus hatchback models for their versatility, straightforward designs, and reliable engineering. A Ford Focus hatchback doesn’t have to sucker every dime out of your pocket to make stockholders rich.

The Ford Focus RS is a titan when it comes to competing with foreign autos. The RS stands for Rallye Sport as a nod to the racecar origins of many features. The 2016 Ford Focus RS models added a Drift driving mode for exceptional handling and performance that makes driving fun again.

The Focus is one of the few car models that Ford has decided to hold onto long-term as they convert over to an electric truck platform. The Ford Focus ST (Sports Touring) and the Ford Focus RS (Rally Sport) both feature the 2.3L engine designed for the Mustang. We can see how the inventor of mass-produced vehicles is streamlining its car models to a singular group with crossover engineering geared towards performance.

Whether you are interested in a Ford Focus 2014 or something newer such as Ford Focus 2017, you will only have to weigh miles against price. This generation was designed midway to share the same styling upgrades and features. We have 2015 Ford Focus vehicles in stock at unbelievably low prices for a vehicle that is little different than the Ford Focus 2017 model edition.

If you just need a cheap used car and live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, let Boucher Auto Group fix you up. We have a large selection of pre-owned vehicles that have been returned to us after a lease in immaculate condition. No other dealership has the resources to provide this kind of quality selection in high volumes.

When you are dealing with a larger dealer who deals with operating costs by discounted volume pricing, you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. Our focus is on building a reputation in the local community rather than tricking a customer into purchasing some poorly maintained vehicle from our lots.

Cars like the Ford Focus ST are premium vehicles that are difficult to find in this condition on the used car market. The owners tend to hang onto these vehicles for a long time. It is only at a large volume dealership where customers come in to trade a really great 2015 Ford Focus simply to get into the latest version.

There are so many reasons why savvy shoppers are running to the deals. They can get the same car with some additional miles if they are willing to accept a little less innovation. The reason why a Ford Focus 2014 model is priced to sell, boils down to little more than some new technology features in the new generation.

If you need the latest infotainment and driver assist packages, you may have to upgrade to the premium model and pay a lot more. That is the reality of it. When new models come up on the market, the price inherently drops for models that are nearly identical in every way.

There is no reason to see the higher mileage of these used vehicles as a devaluation. Although the market prices are shaped and valued heavily on mileage, the reality is that miles have almost nothing to do with the functionality of a vehicle. You can put two hundred thousand miles on any late-model vehicle engine that has been run on synthetic lubricants its whole life.

We sell used vehicles that are in that ideal range. They have enough miles or years on them for the consumers to consider selling them or signing new leases for the latest model. However, they still have a factory warranty or have only recently become after-warranty vehicles.

This ensures that they were likely serviced by us and provided with the level of maintenance that we can stand behind. You will not find a better deal on used autos than you will shopping with a high-volume dealer with major resources. We take the car buying experience to the next level by providing exceptional customer care for the life of the vehicle.

Our used vehicles undergo extensive inspections by factory authorized technicians. They work on these vehicles constantly and know all the preventative maintenance tricks that keep them running on the roads for hundreds of thousands of miles. The Focus vehicles we offer have exceptional fuel economy and powerful engines.

The suspension systems and handling are on par with European vehicles. You get all the creature comforts that Americans love that you won’t find in many European vehicles. Europeans for many years had refused to put something as desirable as cup holders in their vehicles.

When Volkswagen finally rolled out cup holders to meet the demands of the market, they were flimsy little springloaded gadgets that you’d be afraid to put hot coffee in. If you are living in America, you should be driving an American car.

The average wait is three days to weeks for foreign car parts. Domestic auto parts are always available because they are made right here in the USA. You never have to worry about renting a vehicle for weeks when your car is down for any little repair or service.

Please contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for more information. We also provide profiles on our inventory online for your shopping convenience. You can narrow down the models you are interested in test driving and swing by our dealership any time you are ready.

Best Used Cars | Kia Soul | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Featured Used Car: Kia Soul

Boucher is a Kia-licensed dealership that offers clients access to both used and new Kia Soul vehicles. Our dealership is dedicated to serving the people living in Wisconsin cities like Milwaukee and Racine. For several years now, we have been dedicated to helping residents of these cities that want to own used cars to access high quality used cars at unbeatable prices. We ensure that we sell you a cheap used car that gives you value for your money. As a Kia-licensed dealer, we are currently selling used Kia Soul cars that are in good condition. All our used cars will give you value for your money.


The Soul is designed to carry five passengers. The latest Soul models features a plastic inspired interior with properly ingrained panels that give it a sharp interior finish. The latest model has padded elbow rest spots that will enhance your comfort when traveling for long distance. The Soul models are known for their spacious interior that offers plenty of legroom and headroom to give you a big car comfort whenever you are driving in it. The front and back seats are divided evenly to provide an ample cargo space. To carry more cargo, you have the option of folding the back seats to increase the cargo space. The seats in the vehicle feature ample cushioning, and this allows you to sit for long hours without feeling exhausted. To get armrests on the rear outboard seats, you will need to buy the higher trims of the Soul. The comfortable seats with armrests will allow you to accommodate the elderly and the sickly in your car. For higher trim levels, drivers will get advanced comfort features such as an improved dashboard with an 8.0 –inch LCD, a navigation system, and an audio package system that has a shift knob. The latest models come fitted with a Harman Kardon sound system that can be integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Other interior features include a smart push-button ignition, two USB charging ports, and pulsating speaker illuminations.


Are you planning to buy a used Kia Soul? If you are, it is imperative to know the exterior features that make the model enticing to people. Since the manufacturer introduced the Soul into the market in 2009, it has retained its boxy shape while the edges of the model are still sanded off. If you want a vehicle that is unique and enticing to the eye, you could go for a used Kia Soul. The model is available in different exterior colors such as Caribbean blue, Latte brown, alien 2 green, and wild orange. The latest models are also available in more colors like titanium gray, bright silver, shadow black, and clear white. The latest models of the vehicle feature advanced technologies in exterior illumination that makes it spectacular when cruising through the dark. The latest Soul models feature high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights and impressive LED taillights on either side of the vehicle’s rear liftgate. The models that offer the Plus trim give buyers advanced features like 18-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof, and power-folding side mirrors.


The mechanical performance that you enjoy from the your used car depends on the trim level and year of manufacturing of the car that you buy. Most of the trim levels of the Soul, however, offer comfortable and smooth driving. You will get the chance to verify the vehicle’s mechanical prowess by requesting a test drive before purchasing it. The Soul is available in different trim levels with each trim featuring a unique powertrain that influences its mechanical performance. Before you buy a used car, ensure that you have test driven it. To enjoy a better mechanical performance, consider buying higher trims and not the base trim.


The base engine for older Soul models does not offer a lot of power. By purchasing one of the latest models, however, you can enjoy more power and an enhanced fuel economy. The latest models of the Soul feature a 1.6 L base engine that has a horsepower of 130 hp. and a torque of 118 lb.-ft. The latest Soul models feature base engines that come accompanied by either auto or manual transmission that gives you considerable power. You also have the option of enjoying a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine or a 2.0 L inline engine available in the Plus package that you get at an extra cost. The turbocharged engine has an impressive 161 horsepower and a torque of 150 lb.-ft. For enhanced performance, you can opt for the 1.6 L inline engine that is accompanied by a 7-speed dual clutch with auto transmission. The manufacturer has ensured that users can drive the Soul models either in sports mode or in regular mode although the sports mode makes the vehicles feel heavier and more stable.


Most of the new Soul models feature the latest safety technologies, and they will provide you with on-road protection. Buying a used Kia-Soul gives you access to the latest high-tech safety driver aids. Based on the trim level of the model that you go for and its year of manufacturing, there are standard safety features that are available in its packages. The model has scored highly in safety rankings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Transport and Safety Authority (NHTSA). The IIHS rated the models as a Top Safety Pick + based on the crash tests that it has conducted on the model over the years. The NHTSA, on the other hand, gave the model an overall five-star rating with a four-star rating on a few crash tests. Some of the safety features that the Soul models come with include an auto emergency braking and a rear view camera as standard safety features. For the advanced safety features, buyers must look out for higher trim levels that come fitted with features like a blind spot monitoring, a rear cross-traffic alert system, a stability control system, a lane departure warning system, and a forward-collision warning.

Are you looking for a reliable dealership to buy a cheap used car? If you are, we could help. At Boucher dealerships, we will provide you with access to a cheap used car in Wisconsin state. We have a presence in Racine and Milwaukee areas. Stop in to one of our 18 different Boucher dealerships located throughout southeastern Wiscsonsin and take one of these beauties for a test drive. Want to know what we have in stock before making the trek out? No problem! Just visit and view our extensive inventory just waiting for you.

Best Used Cars | Used Ford Fusion | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Featured Used Car: Ford Fusion

For people living in the Wisconsin area looking to buy a Ford Fusion, it would be wise to consider buying a pre-owned model. A wide variety of Ford Fusions can be found on the Boucher website. Gordie Boucher Ford has dealerships in the following locations to serve you: West Bend, Menomonee Falls, Thiensville, Kenosha, Janesville, and Milwaukee. There are many benefits to buying pre-owned that will be discussed below along with a few year models.

Ford Fusion 2017

This model received key improvements to its styling, infotainment system and interior. It also has an available ultra platinum trim level and a V6 sport model. It maintains the signature grille from previous models.

This sedan comfortably seats five passengers and has the following trim levels available: S, SE, Titanium, Platinum and V6 Sport. A hybrid and fully electric hybrid are also available. The base model Fusion S comes with a standard 2.5-liter four cylinder engine, 16-inch alloy rims, Bluetooth, voice Sync system, USB, backup camera and full power accessories.

The SE model steps up to 17-inch alloy wheels, improved front and rear power seating controls, LED daytime running lights and six-speaker satellite radio system.

The appearance package is optional for the S and SE trims and has a wide variety of options available to improve the vehicles styling. Some of the key features are 18-inch wheels, 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, leather upholstery, heated front seats and mirrors.

The Ford Fusion 2017 Titanium comes with a standard 2.0-liter engine, improved taillights, sport front seats, premium 12 speaker Sony sound system with HD radio and many other features.

The Platinum model includes features from the above trims and the following: Power adjustable steering wheel, improved leather trim and a unique grille.

The Ford Fusion Sport V6 base model has features from the SE Luxury Package, all wheel drive, redesigned grill, adjustable suspension and a nine speaker radio system. The Ford Fusion Sport also has an available upgrade package.

Ford Fusion 2016

The Ford Fusion 2016 model has 3 available trims: S, SE and Titanium. Hybrids are also available for this year sedan. There are no significant differences from the 2017 trims.

Ford Fusion 2015

The Ford Fusion 2015 model has 3 available trims: S, SE and Titanium. Hybrids are also available for this year model. There are no significant differences from the 2016 and 2017 trims.

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has four available trims: S, SE, Titanium and Platinum. This model has identical features to the gasoline versions except it is a hybrid. The 2016 model is similar except it doesn’t offer the Platinum trim. The 2015 model has the same available trims and features as the 2016.

2017 Ford Fusion Energi

This model is a plug in electric vehicle. It has three available trims: SE Luxury, Titanium and Platinum. The SE Luxury has 17-inch wheels, 110 volt power outlet, eight way driver and passengers seats, keyless entry and start, automatic headlights and among many other features. The Titanium and Platinum trims are similar to the 2017 gasoline and hybrid trims. The 2015 and 2016 models are similar except they only offer SE and Titanium trims.


The biggest advantage in purchasing a pre-owned Ford Fusion is a lower purchasing price. Most vehicles lose the majority of their value in the first few years. Although it will cost less, a used Fusion maintains its value well. In some cases it may be easier to get a pre-owned vehicle financed. In the Wisconsin area, Gordie Boucher Ford can help buyers with Fusion financing options.


In most states, vehicle registration cost are based on the value of the vehicle. Basically, as the vehicle worth goes up, so does the registration. Purchasing a pre-owned Fusion can save buyers hundreds of dollars a year in registration fees.


In most states, vehicle worth is an important component in determining insurance premiums. A used Fusion can save buyers hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in insurance cost.

Certified Pre-Owned

Many Ford Fusions can be purchased as certified pre-owned. Certified vehicles are in the best condition and have low miles. They also go through a multi point inspection and reconditioning process. Certified vehicles also offer extended warranties and roadside assistance. Some certified programs will offer free maintenance on specific items for a certain period of time. Certified cars also are more likely to qualify for low interest financing. Most programs offer a satisfaction guarantee allowing buyers to return the car during a certain time period. Potential buyers can search the Boucher website for certified pre-owned Fusions. Also, potential buyers can visit a dealership at one of the following Wisconsin locations: Milwaukee, West Bend, Menomonee Falls, Thiensville, Kenosha or Janesville.