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Featured Used Car: Sierra 1500

Owning a quality work truck has never been more affordable. This is because the Boucher Auto Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has the multiple pre-owned versions of the GMC Sierra 1500 on our lots and ready to sell. And a work truck of this caliber is deserving of your attention. You can expect your model to have a towing capacity that is close to 10,000 pounds backed by over 300 pound-feet of torque. We have the crew cab, double cab, and standard cab models to choose from. Many of the GMC Sierra 1500 trucks on our lots are of the same generation as the latest models and, therefore, have negligible differences.


If you want a world-class work truck at a song of a price, the Boucher Auto Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is the name that you can trust. We are able to provide you the best value for your hard-earned money because we have a clientele who take care of their vehicles. When they trade them in for a new truck, we are able to pass along the savings. Many vehicles in our fleet were previously leased and maintained by our factory-trained technicians. This ensures that they are built from all original equipment and serviced according to the factory maintenance schedule. The vehicles are often still under warranty, come with an extended warranty, or have just exhausted a factory warranty and remain in like-new condition.

The Minimal Effects of Higher Mileage

Although a used vehicle may have higher mileage on the clock, this should not intimidate you from purchasing it. The value of a cheap used car with high miles is evident when you purchase it from our dealership. This is because the Kelley Blue Book prices set a standard rate that is far below the functional value of a reconditioned used vehicle that has been run on synthetic lubricants its whole life. Therein lies the distinction. Synthetic lubricants have revolutionized the automotive industry and doubled the life of late-model vehicles. When you have a master mechanic go over the vehicle and toughen up any weak spots, this also ensures your long-term satisfaction and reduces the risk of premature failure from wear and tear.

Vehicle Inspection & Reconditioning

When you have veteran mechanics who have worked on all makes and models their entire lives, you can rest assured that every vehicle sold is safe and solid. Our mechanics receive ongoing factory training and understand the engineering of automotive and mechanical systems. Having this wisdom allows them to consider the problems encountered without hang-ups. They are armed with sophisticated diagnostic computers and know from experience what parts tend to break down and fail prematurely. They can simply test-drive a vehicle and pick up on a number of issues that are difficult for laymen to detect. No vehicle on our lots goes up for sale without passing a rigorous inspection that protects our reputation.

The Dangers of Private Sellers

When you are dealing with a private seller, there is no way to form a relationship. They are not able to provide a warranty or any assurances if things go awry. Even if you do succeed in winning a judgment against them in court, you will find that collections are difficult or impossible. Winning in court may force you to gamble with the legal expenses of hiring a lawyer and other court filing fees which you may never recoup. A private seller can claim bankruptcy or easily hide his funds and assets in a family members name to protect them.

When you are dealing with a dealership that is dedicated to serving the community, you don’t have to worry about being shortchanged or taken advantage of at any time. We provide accountability for our products and have every intention of retaining our customers for life. The profit margins from any individual sale are meager and leave us little incentive to act unfairly and terminate our relationship. We would rather that you get the best deal possible and that you share the positive press of our dealership with others. In addition, a private seller simply doesn’t invest the money into reconditioning their vehicle and can leave you with a lot of unexpected problems and repairs on your hands.

Financing Department

Because we have quality products, the banks are willing to lend money to customers who purchase a cheap used car from us or a more expensive pre-owned vehicle. Banks are not easy to compel into financing used vehicles because they do not want to be left holding the bill if your default. And customers will readily default if they cannot get to work and need a new car. Because our vehicles are known to go the distance, banks are happy to whip out their paychecks whenever our financing department calls. They know that the vehicles which we sell are value-priced and that customers will not stop payments on a loan. Although we are not able to guarantee lending, we believe that our lenders will give you more opportunities.

Friendly Customer Service

Our dealership always works to ensure that customers are excited about their purchases and satisfied. Our sales team has the knowledge of features on any used or new vehicle in our lot and can find the lifestyle choice that suits you. When it comes to the Sierra, we believe that this truck is a hot deal because you dodge the steep appreciation of a brand-new work truck that is going to get dirty and a few scuffs on it anyhow. Instead of paying for that showroom finish and pristine paint job, you can harvest years of strong driving out of your truck.

Why Everyone Should Buy a Work Truck

A work truck is so versatile and so well-built compared to a consumer uniframe car, it is a wonder why everyone doesn’t own them. Cars don’t have bumpers and are easily damaged in any fender-bender situation. The Sierra is a tank that will protect you with its large bumpers and high stance. You can run right over cars like a monster truck and drive anywhere you desire. When you have a little compact car, it is hard to take it off-road without getting jammed up and bottoming out. Perhaps the best virtue of a work truck is that you can make the truck work for you instead of just putting up every paycheck to work for the truck.

A work truck can help you do a variety of work at home and to take side jobs on the weekends. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, mechanic, or a handyman, a work truck provides you with the payload you need to haul your supplies. If you are landscaping or construction, it helps you haul the materials and equipment of the trade to any location. And because work trucks are built to withstand heavy duty cycles and extreme loads, you can bet that every part is beefed up and built more sold than its commercial car counterparts. And now that we have steeply discounted trucks for sale on our lots, there is no better time to invest in a vehicle that pays for itself and lasts longer than any compact car out there.

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