7 Ideas for Hosting a Party in a Small House

Seven ways to maximize a small space for a big get-together

Just because your square footage is on the small side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t host a party. Welcoming friends and family into your home for dinner, brunch, cocktails or even just dessert is a wonderful gesture of love, friendship and goodwill. Plus, it’s fun!

With a little creativity, maneuvering and outside-the-small-space thinking, you will be able to transform your home to welcome all your party guests.

Set the scene

To make room for your guests, you need to literally make room, according Ariel Knutson, news and culture editor of TheKitchn.com, who often moves excess living room items like the television, television stand, bike and additional clutter into her bedroom to accommodate her partygoers. According to Knutson, rearranging the furniture maximizes space and gives guests more options for standing and sitting.

Think outside the box

Utilize your available space to its fullest and often ignored potential. Katie Meyers, hgtv.com writer, suggests using throw pillows on the floor as relaxed-seating options, the kitchen sink as an ice-filled cooler and a white tablecloth-covered coffee table as a dining spot.

Keep temperatures low

Since a small space plus a lot of people equals heat, Knutson advises turning off the oven at least an hour before guests arrive as well as cranking the air conditioning; she also recommends keeping a window open and a fan running in an area or room away from the populated party space for guests to cool down if necessary.

Conserve drinkware

Asking your guests to label their glass or cup will help prevent a multitude of littered cup-clutter and save you some clean-up time at the end of the night, according to Meyers, who suggests using wine charms for a decorative look.

Establish a coat room

Collecting your guests’ coats, bags and purses and placing them in a room away from the party space, like a bedroom, will help diminish any unnecessary clutter, advises Knutson.

Be a décor minimalist

Although one of the most enjoyable things about entertaining is decorating your space, it’s best to keep your décor to a minimum, advises Meyers, who suggests using simple centerpieces and an unfussy color scheme. She also recommends taking advantage of vertical space by hanging streamers or lights from the ceiling or on the walls. Understated can be beautiful, and guests will be delighted by your clutter-free and elegant décor.

Avoid traffic jams

Party food and snacks are magnets for guests, and if you put these magnetic dishes in one space, you will inadvertently create a party-traffic jam. Instead, try putting several snack stations around your party space, advises Knutson, who uses her dining and coffee tables for food presentations. To maximize even more table space, Meyers suggests using cake stands, tiered trays and risers for your savory and sweet treats.

By implementing these tips, you’ll be happily saying, “The more, the merrier,” at your next party.