A new Ford truck towing a horse wagon in the snow.

What Is the Best Ford Dealership Near Milwaukee, WI?

Ford revolutionized manufacturing in the early 20th century by creating the assembly line. Since then, they’ve made some of the world’s most iconic cars. If you think of SUVs, you probably think of the Explorer. Muscle cars? The Mustang leaps to mind. If you want to own a piece of history, owning a Ford is just that. If you want to know what the best Ford dealership near Milwaukee is, keep reading! 

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The check engine light illuminated in an unknown car type.

Where Can I Get My Check Engine Light Serviced Near Milwaukee WI?

When the check engine light comes on, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Is it an emergency? Is it something that can wait? No matter what – you’re going to need a professional. Sometimes it can be an emergency – or turn into one if you wait too long. You may be asking – where can I get my check engine light serviced near Milwaukee WI? Read on to find out the where – and why – of this troubling issue. 

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A man replacing a timing belt, helping demonstrate Where to Get Belt and Hose Replacements Near Milwaukee WI

Where to Get Belt and Hose Replacements Near Milwaukee WI 

What’s better? Waiting until a part fails to replace it? Or – staying on top of your car’s maintenance and replacing it before failure? Well, imagine driving along the highway at night. Suddenly, steam starts shooting out from under your hood, blocking your vision. The car loses power, and you must pull over quickly. Your radiator hose broke. And, now you need to find out where to get belt and hose replacements near Milwaukee WI. Read on for a happier scenario! 

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A new brake pad being installed on a vehicle by a technican

When Should I Get My Car’s Brakes Replaced?

Signs Indicating Your Brakes Need Replacing 

It’s not forever that your car’s brake pads will function without causing occasional breakdowns and hiccups. Since the metal components are mechanically operated with constant wear and tear to the surfaces, we need to make sure the brake pads don’t damage to an extent where it’s unusable. So, drivers will have to sharpen their hearing if noises and jerks are hounding your ride. If you have been facing these issues, make sure to drop by Boucher Auto Group for a thorough inspection of the brake system, which may require replacement. Here are a few signs indicating your brake pads need replacing. Keep an eye out for these warning signs so that you drive over to our dealership in Milwaukee, WI, just in time for the required service and repair. 

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Mechanic doing the coolant flush process

What is the Need for a Coolant Flush?

Importance of Coolant Flush  

You all will agree that our vehicle needs regular maintenance to function smoothly. An oil change is always high on the list for customers, but regular coolant flush is often ignored. What is coolant flush? Why is it important? If you have these questions in mind, join Boucher Auto Group in Milwaukee, WI, as we answer all your questions. Keep reading to know more!  

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A happy woman looking outside the driver window of a car

Student? Here’s Why You Should Consider Buying A Used Car

If you’re a student planning to get your first car, then you’d better make sure you’re not investing too much in a brand-new car. Sure, the choice is yours, but if you ask an expert, he’d suggest you go for a pre-owned car if it’s your first time buying a car. If you want to know why, let Boucher Auto Group tell you the perks of buying a used car if you’re a student in the Milwaukee, WI area.

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