Two toy cars sitting on car insurance documents

Do I Need Car Insurance in the State of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Choosing to buy or lease a car is an exciting time. You can now hit the open road whenever the mood strikes. However, before you go tacking those miles onto your new ride, make sure you have the proper car insurance. In the state of Wisconsin, all drivers are required to have an automobile insurance policy in force. For those that want to save some money each year, you can simply purchase the minimum car insurance that is needed. This blog will be going over the minimum insurance limits that are set for Wisconsin state drivers. Those that need assistance or have questions regarding insurance requirements can reach out to the team at Boucher Auto Group, located in the southern Wisconsin area.

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A car alternator under a hood of a vehicle

Can A Car Run with a Bad Alternator?

Signs of a Bad Alternator

The alternator is generally not a car part we usually think about. Most of us think that as long as our battery is working and supplying energy to the ignition and other parts of the vehicle, we are golden. This is not necessarily the truth. The alternator has an important job when it comes to our vehicles. When this part starts to die, you can begin to notice big changes in the functioning of your vehicle. When your alternator starts to go bad, you can stop by one of the Boucher Auto Group service centers to have a reliable technician take a look. This blog is going to go over the purpose of the alternator and the signs you should look for in a dying alternator.

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Two men sitting in the front row of a vehicle

How Can I Become a Better Driver?

Tips to Improve Your Driving Style

We all like to think we are good drivers. We wear our seatbelts, look both ways at a stop sign, and stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. While this deserves a pat on the back, there is still more you can do to become a better and safer driver. From paying closer attention, avoiding distractions, and practicing more patience, we can make the roads a safer place. This blog will go over some different strategies you may want to adopt to become a better driver.

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A car overheating with steam coming from under the hood

Can I Drive with a Bad Thermostat?

What are the Signs of a Faulty Car Thermostat?

It may seem like no big deal if your car thermostat is not operating properly. However, this statement could not be more wrong. The thermostat is an integral part of your vehicle. This part is essentially a valve in the cooing system of your vehicle. This valve regulates the coolant circulating to the engine. The thermostat also controls how much coolant is cooled depending on how hot the engine is. Needless to say, this part is required to ensure your vehicle runs properly. This blog will go over why you should not drive with a bad thermostat, how you can tell if your thermostat is faulty, and where you can get this part repaired.

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A line of cars parked outside in a dealership lot

Trustworthy Dealerships in the Southern Wisconsin Area

Boucher Automotive Group is a Dealership You Can Trust

It seems wherever you turn you are bombarded with car dealerships. From franchised to independent dealerships, it seems the options are endless. However, some of the biggest differences comes in the form of experience, reliability, and trustworthiness. You cannot find these three things with just any dealership. If you find yourself in the southern Wisconsin area, you should consider the Boucher Automotive Group for your car shopping and service center needs.

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A mechanic working on a car under the hood

What Do Spark Plugs Do?

Where Can I Have Spark Plugs Replaced in Southern Wisconsin?

Every car part is essential, no matter how small. When it comes to spark plugs, they are a mighty and important part to starting your vehicle. When this part starts going bad, it can impact many areas of your vehicle. The spark plug is designed to give your car engine the power it needs to run the vehicle efficiently. This blog will go over the function of spark plugs and where you can get them replaced in southern Wisconsin.

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A headlight on a vehicle that is turned on

Can I Get Pulled Over for a Faulty Taillight in Wisconsin?

The Importance of Replacing Lights on Your Vehicle

There are many reasons for why the police pull over vehicles. One of the main reasons is when a taillight or another exterior light is not operating. As it is difficult to detect if one of your lights is faulty, most officers will issue a warning in the state of Wisconsin. To keep this from happening to you or to avoid getting a ticket, continue reading this blog.

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A person with both their hands on a vehicle steering wheel

Can I Drive with a Bad Power Steering Pump?

Signs Your Power Steering Pump is Failing

While years ago many vehicles were not equipped with power steering, it has become a luxury feature as of late. Vehicles that are designed with a power steering pump should only be used when the power steering is operational. When the power steering stops working, you should refrain from operating the vehicle until the pump is replaced. To learn more about why you should refrain from driving your vehicle and how to tell if your pump is going bad, keep reading.

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